Thursday, March 15, 2007

Thursday, March 15, 2007


Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Yesterday was "Pi Day" which means absolutely nothing to anyone but Math scholars, teachers, and geeks. However, it meant I had to stick my face in a heaping helping of homemade chocolate maraigne pie. US 98.3 had a pie-eating contest between Mike Brooks, Audrey Ann, Marvin Davis, and myself provided by Sara Williamson's 7th Grade AG class at Northern Granville Middle School. Also participating was one the youngsters, Trevor Boring, who's a friend of my son Dylan (also in the class). Well, Trevor ended up winning after Mike Brooks decided to go all Gerard Henderson on Audrey Ann. We had our hands "tied" behind our backs, but Brooks broke free and proceeded to smash Audrey's FACE into her pie - about three times. Apparently not satisfied until she came up with blood on her face. Busted lip. She had to bow out. She's okay, though. Ah, good times.

Nothing much going on today. Just getting ready for our St. Patrick's Day party in downtown Henderson Saturday. Donna, Marvin, and I will judge the chili-cook-off. Anytime's a good time for chili.

Oh, and my band, Ragged Glory, is auditioning a new guitarist Saturday night (well, he's not a "new guitarist" - he's been playing for twenty years - but he's new to the band). We're also going out to celebrate Marvin's birthday Friday night.

Busy weekend ahead. Nothing like enforced recreation.